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Contractors, architects and designers

We offer a wide range of garage doors in modern, heritage and rustic styles to meet the needs of every customer.

Our projects are unique and custom made, with 3D drawings and photos to help the customer get an idea of the product they’re buying before production. 

Hardware pieces are tailor-made to account for the door’s size, weight and space requirements. Everything from torsion spring cycles to the choice of opener is adapted to the buyer’s needs.

Our comprehensive selection is sure to meet every project requirement. 

In short, we’ll help you choose and install the right product – every time.

We offer:

  • 3D drawings
  • Door models for every home style
  • An extensive selection of standard door and weather-stripping colours (or the option to paint them in the colour of your choice)
  • A wide array of glass pane options
  • A broad range of accessories (knockers, doorbells, etc.)


Everything you need to distribute our products is made at our 41,000-ft2 plant.

We offer our distributors the following key products:  

  • Residential, commercial ready-to-install 2", industrial ready-to-install 3"
  • Façade only
  • Residential, commercial hardware 2", industrial hardware 3"
  • Residential, commercial surface hardware 2", industrial surface hardware 3"
  • Residential, commercial hardware kit 2",  industrial hardware kit 3"
  • Residential and commercial openers

We provide an exhaustive list of products available per unit, in large quantities, and as kits.

Our distributors can also generate garage door designs on our 3D modeller. 

That means photos, price quotes, and blueprints (door, tracks, torsion system, hardware and frame) right at your fingertips!

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