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Let natural light stream into your home with our glass-paned Panoramic garage door, available a range of finishes for today’s tastes.


With its superior quality, clean lines and range of colour options, the Urbania is a perfect addition to your modern home.

Urbania MR
Urbania MR

Give any home streamlined look with our Urbania MR garage door, with clean, modern lines inspired by the latest trends in architectural design.

Linéa double
Linea double

Add a touch of charm to your Quebec home with the decorative hardware and wainscoting of our Linea double garage door.


Sophisticated and hard-wearing, our new Signature collection offers superior quality at a cost-effective price point.

Elegant contemporary
Elegant contemporary

Elegant and understated, the Elegant contemporary looks great on any home. Spruce up your façade with oversized decorative moldings that can easily be adapted to fit your personal style.

Traditionnel court
Traditional short

Our Traditional short garage door is available in steel or aluminium, with a wide range of colour and decorative window options.

Traditionnel long
Traditional long

With its contemporary style and oversized panel molding, the Traditional long is available in steel or aluminium to achieve a modern look.

Traditionnel combiné
Traditional mix

Our all-new Traditional mix is a simple, eye-catching garage door with a classic style. Pick your own colours and window options for a custom look.

Linéa simple
Linea single

A great choice for modern homes, the Linea single comes in a range of colours and sizes.


Made with smooth 20-gauge steel, our unique Contemporary garage door features clean geometric lines and reinforced hardware.


A Portes Mackie exclusive, the hard-wearing Grooved garage door is a great fit for modern homes, and comes in a wide range of colours to satisfy your tastes and requirements.

Walk-through garage doors
Walk-through garage doors

Our walk-throughs are designed for seamless integration. You can count on our unique system and expertise for unparalleled strength and durability.

Residential motorization systems
Residential motorization systems

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